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Apron feeder

  • Details:

    Product introduction

    1Organic combination of chain plate machine and belt conveyor, as well as bearing capacity of chain plate machine and sealing performance of belt conveyor;

    2The height of material receiving is very low, the whole machine does not need to set pit, and all parts are above the ground;

    3It can bear the direct unloading of loader / truck, and can use tail feeding or side feeding;

    4It can be used with ship loader or stacker to synthesize flow equipment, which is flexible;

    5It can be equipped with dust removal system for environmental protection operation;

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    Application scope

    1Suitable for general terminal, bulk yard, train loading line, etc;

    2Applicable materials: coal, ore, aggregate, cement clinker, grain, etc;

    3The truck is used as the terminal material receiving equipment for horizontal transportation to avoid the secondary transportation of materials on the ground;

    4Replace the pit funnel process and reduce the investment of civil engineering and other fixed facilities;

    Main parameters

    Rated capacity

    Applicable ship type


    Pile height