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Dredgers Crane

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    Features of Grab Dredgers:

    1. Visual Simulation;

    2. Underwater visualization work;

    3. GPS positioning, precise dredging control;

    4. Consistent excavation depth;

    5. Flat dig control to ensure the accuracy of 15cm flat dig.

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    Grab Dredgers

    Product Name: Grab Dredgers

    Grab volume: 6m310m38m336m3 40m3

    Dredging depth: customize



    The dredgers of this series are developed based on the main

    concept that they are used both as grab dredgers and large

    scaled marine cranes.

    The dredger is equipped with an economical diesel engine of

    large output and an Omega Drive of large capacity, and slewing,

    jib luffing and the third drum are driven by hydraulic system.

    In various marine construction work as well.