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Contianer Straddle carrier

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    The container straddle carrier, a special loading and unloading machine for moving and stacking containers between the front of the container terminal and the warehouse, is called "straddle carrier" for short. It is mainly composed of portal frame structure, container spreader and lifting system, power and transmission system, steering and driving system, braking and hydraulic system, electronic control system, etc. The main advantages of container straddle carriers:
    (1) One machine can complete a variety of operations, including self-pickup, handling, stacking, loading and unloading, etc., without the assistance of other machinery in the middle, reducing the types and quantities of operation links and terminal machinery and equipment, simplifying the entire loading and unloading transportation system. Easy to organize and manage.
    (2) Strong mobility and flexible operation. Compared with horizontal transportation equipment such as container trailers and container automatic guided vehicles, the container loading and unloading equipment only needs to unload the container at the front of the terminal, and the straddle carrier can grab and transport the container by itself, without the need for accurate positioning and loading. Give full play to the operating efficiency of ship loading and unloading equipment.

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