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Windproof and dust suppression net

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    It is mainly used for stockpile of scattered bulk material which has the characteristic of unorganized discharge and is piled open.

    Because it has the following characteristics:

       1. Large area and accumulation, if the use of buildings to be closed, due to the huge amount of funds is not feasible;

       2. The material distribution of a wide range of particles, which contains a large number of wind-prone dust;

       3. Will produce a lot of dust under the action of the wind. Its harmful area is wide, its pollution to the environment is serious, and a lot of loss of materials is caused (such as coal and dust carry about 3% -10% annual loss);

       Dust suppression point is a large area, it is difficult to fully capture the raised dust, difficult to manage.

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    12 meters high net downstream wind speed distribution

    Wind and dust control through its dense openings to control the amount of wind into the downstream. If the ventilation rate of 0%, then the solid wall, then the formation of eddy currents, wind and dust suppression effect is not good; if the ventilation rate of nearly 100%, that is, no shielding effect.


    high strengthpolyester fiber industry filament weaving.

    (2) it has good opening rate, high dust suppression rate and dust filter rate.

    (3) Self-cleaning function.

    (4) good impact resistance.

    (5) good flame retardant.

    (6) Good weather resistance.

    (7) low maintenance costs.

    (8) low overall cost.