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    Oil-to-electricity can not only save operating costs, but also fundamentally solve the exhaust gas, black smoke and huge noise generated by diesel engine operation, and realize energy-saving emission reduction in the true sense which can Help the corresponding enterprises to achieve transformation, conduct operations and services in a more efficient manner, and improve social and economic benefits.

    At the same time, it also saves the original tire crane engine to perform D-class maintenance every 10,000 hours, every four years to go overhaul, and usually need special care and other expenses to develop.

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    Therefore, E-RTG is more popular, and the distribution characteristics of each supplier to the terminal are as follows:

    1. Terminal substation capacity expansion

    2. Laying high voltage power cable

    3. Add terminal power supply box

    4. If installed with a trolley line, the yard needs to be erected.

    If the cable reel is used for power supply, the yard needs to excavate the cable

    5. If the tire works from a source frequency of 60 Hz, the tire needs to be down-clocked.

    6. Add a transformer to the tire crane, power switch box

    7. Electrical commissioning