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Intelligent positioning system

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    At the rapid development of container transport industry, how to improve the efficiency of container terminal operations is core concerned of the smooth of container transport supply chain. As an important working tool of container terminal, tyred crane's efficiency improvement is the key to the problem.

    The car is used in the precise position of the RTG car, and the 3d information of the RTG suspension is combined with the car and the jack structure, according to the actual arrangement of the dock yard, which can be converted into the specific container large car stack area, the big car lane, the car pile position (the corresponding site map of block,lanestack) and so on.

    This letter is compared with the container of the operation, such as the prohibition of the lifting action, only the information is consistent to allow the operation. So we have the RTG unfailable operation. RTG box automatic management: using the 3d information of RTG, you can release RTG operation information anytime and anywhere, such as RTG job location, RTG state, etc. Thus, the positioning of tyre crane is realized, and the efficiency and accuracy of the work are greatly improved.

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    Position Determination System(PDS)

    Identify the relative position of terminal facilities in other data maps by virtue of GPS, Encoder technology, wireless data transmission technology,map digitising technology ,and PLC electric control system. While the mobile devices are operating or standby. PDS will calculate the information in the GPS. Encoder and device main control PLC,so as to get the position information of block,lane and stack. By means of the interaction between te PDS and TOS(Terminal operating system),the slot can be automatically confirmed to insure the reliability of the device operation. 

    Terminal safety monitoring system:

    port and dock remote monitoring at anytime and anywhere to achieve security and college management. Port and dock Remote monitoring at anytime and anywhere to achieve security and efficient management

    In recent years, land and air pressure is increasing, lots of logistics industry turned into water transfer routes for related low cost , so the ships of the inland rivers and coastal basin is also showing a growing trend, the accidents of water transportation is also increasing, how to ensure the safety of water transportation has become the flagship logistics company's concerns.

    Monitor and control the safety of workers on site and coal storage.Considering the complex environment of the wharf and the difficulty of cabling construction, wireless monitoring system was adopted.

    This monitoring system mainly solves the problem of how to transmit the real-time video information of the wharf to the monitoring center, monitor the working ships remotely, master the first-hand information of the wharf work, and ensure the safe and orderly operation of the waterway near the wharf.

    360 °Cloud camera used in this system, because the camera Angle is big, so adopted the point to point transmission mode. According to the requirements of users, in order to ensure the stable transmission of real-time video signal can be in the system with the application of wireless video devices for high-power ST5801GB wireless Bridges.

    Install of wireless control system receiver , transmit from receiver to control room, finally through the NVR store surveillance video。NVR connected network can supply external land access,  can achieve the monitoring at anytime and anywhere.