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Rail type material handler

  • Details:

    The 140tm Rail type material handler developed by GBM can be equipped with 5-6 cubic meters of sand stone, coal grab bucket, 2.5 cubic plum big stone, scrap steel grab .

    A work cycle of about 35 to 40 seconds is completed, which is more than twice as efficient as the existing soft rope track crane. Suitable for 2000-5000 tons of ship operations; can be modified on the original crane; the operation line can see the ship's warehouse; the maximum lifting weight is 20 tons at 7 meters radius; there are many types of grippers that can be replaced (you need to match any grabs can be customized ).

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    The dimensions

    Gauge: 6m

    Base distance (center distance between two wheels on the same side): 7.8m

    Door clearance headroom (distance from the plane on the track to the bottom plane of the beam): 5.3m

    Maximum gyration radius of the tail: 3.8m


    Dynamic parameter

    Maximum motor power: 110kw


    Quality parameter

    Machine quality: 46.5t


    Performance parameter

    Maximum working range: 8m

    Rated lifting capacity at maximum working range (including attachment weight): 7t

    Maximum wheel pressure: 245kn

    Maximum lifting torque: 560kn/m

    Working height: 8m

    Maximum working depth: 0.5m

    Travel speed (no load): 0 ~ 400mm / s

    Maximum turning speed (no load): 6r/min