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Magnetic spreader

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    Product advantages:
    1. The electric permanent magnet lifter adopts the electronically-controlled permanent magnet technology. It only enters the instantaneous power supply at the moment of charge and demagnetization, and no electricity is used during the work process. Therefore, there is no phenomenon that the conventional electromagnet suffers from continuous power consumption and the temperature rise influences the suction force. , while saving more than 95% of electrical energy. Energy-saving, no temperature rise, no deformation, no power-off loss, safe and reliable operation; not affected by power loss. No batteries are required to assist the system. High performance from permanent magnetic materials provides long-lasting suction. It always guarantees the safety of the material. It guarantees that the magnets will only be demagnetized and relaxed when the material is landed, always providing the operator with the highest level of safety.
    2. The permanent magnet lifter is charged and demagnetized fast. After the magnetization is completed, the working magnetic force is not affected by power failures such as system power failure. The residual magnetization at the background of the demagnetization is clean, and rapid stress release can be achieved.
    3, supporting the electric control box function is complete and complete, easy to operate, can be button control or remote control charge and demagnetization, and another double magnetization cycle, magnetic switch, magnetic saturation detection, safety buttons and other protection and detection functions.

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    Suction parameters
    Steel type: length 6-12m, width 1.8-2.8m, plate thickness 4-250mm, weight of single piece not exceeding 16 tons.

    Steel plate thickness(mm)

    Number of sheets









    More than 20


    B. Billet: Billet size is about 150X150mm, length is 9-12m, and each weight is about 2 tons. It is required to suck and hang a single layer at a time.
    C. Lifting weight: It is required that the total weight of the suspended cargo does not exceed 20 tons.
    D, the suction temperature: steel temperature is less than 100 °C.