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Mobile hopper

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    The appearance of the hopper has greatly improved the loading and unloading efficiency of the wharf. When the grab grabs the bulk cargo unloading, due to the vehicle and other factors, the hopper can funnel the cargo through the hopper and onto the vehicle or the belt conveyor, making the unloading a very simple task. Pleasant thing. Funnel is divided into, removable, fixed, dust, not dust and other forms, customized according to the needs of owners.

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    1 This equipment includes bagging machine, main support steel frame, gravity feed funnel, power distribution box, discharge chute, bag holder, pneumatic system and some optional devices such as dust collector. Air compressors, etc. Among them, DCS bagging machine consists of feeders, weights and other components.
    2 This equipment is used for weighing and bagging various small particle materials, such as grain, dried cassava, fertilizer, PVC powder, small pellet feed, small particle ore, alumina, etc.
    3 This equipment can be installed in docks, warehouses, factories, etc.